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How does my party time work?

A – Your kid’s birthday party will have one of our multiple private party rooms exclusively for your group. Your group will also have MANY exclusive game time ON/OFF intervals on the spongeball field. Games consist of approx. 15 mins on the field then approx. 15mins off the field.  After your groups 15 mins on the field, players will return you the party room and take an approx. 15min break.

Why the ON/OFF intervals?

A – Gladiators Spongeball wants your group to enjoy their visit to the MAX! We have found the intervals of play THROUGHOUT the entire reserved 2 hour time works best to keep everyone busy and looking forward to their next game time on the field.

During your 15 min breaks another kid’s birthday party MAY be on the field.  This will give your kid’s birthday party time to enjoy a food, drink or cake break.

Spongeball Party Scenario Example:

Reserved party start time:

When your guests arrive, waivers must be completed & signed.  Next, all present guests will be instructed on the rules and expectations of Spongeball play AND they will be fitted with their OWN MASK.

NEXT – Guests will then be escorted to the Spongeball field, by a team member staff to begin their 1st interval of play.  Play will be for approx. 15mins.  This will give you some time to continue your prep or enjoy your kid’s birthday party.

After this 1st play interval, the participants will be escorted back to the party room for a quick 15min break interval.  This transition will be done with the assistance of the team member staff.  This 1st break gives the participants the chance to rest and maybe enjoy some refreshments.

And then?…. After approx. 15mins, the team member staff will call upon your party’s participants to grab their masks and return to the Spongeball field to play some more!!  Once again, the participants will have approx. 15 mins to play.

And so on…

Pizza and cake can be incorporated into one of the many rest intervals in the party room.

Not to worry about the transitions, a team member staff will be there every step of the way!

When do I request the pizza?

A – Anytime you would like.  We suggest sometime in the first hour of your reserved time. Don’t worry…if the pizza arrives when the participants are on the field…they will be back to the party room…really soon.

Are the masks cleaned?

A – Of course!  Gladiators ensures that ALL masks are cleaned and disinfected after every use.

How long do the players play Spongeball for?

A – The entire duration of your kid’s birthday party is for two hours. This includes 1 hr of game time on the field.

What should I bring?

A – If you wish to add your own personal touch, please bring all items your party MAY need (paper plates, cups, cutlery and tablecloths, decorations.)

Is the birthday boy/girl included in the kid’s birthday party package?

A – Yes.

Do parents have to sign a waiver form for their child?

A – Waiver forms must be completed for all the participants. For participants under the age of 18 years, their waiver form must ALSO be signed by a parent or guardian.  The host of the kid’s birthday party (guardian) can sign on behalf of all children, OR a parent or guardian is required to sign.

Waiver forms will be available upon arrival or available to be printed in advance from this website View Waiver Form

Can I make changes to size of the party?

A – Absolutely! Send us an email and we can take care of the changes

How old do participants need to be to play Spongeball?

A – 6yrs or older.

What if I have to cancel?

A – We require 7 day notice by email for a cancellation and full deposit refund.  We will happily reschedule your party within this 7 day notice time as well.

Do you have a fridge and freezer?

A – Yes, we have a fridge and freezer for your yummy cake and munchies.

How early can I show up to set up for my party?

A – We ask that only the host show up a maximum of 15 minutes early if desired.

Is there someone there to supervise the games and the children?

A – Your kid’s birthday party is assigned a referee who will supervise games, assist with the on & off the field transitions, go over all rules and answer any general questions.  It is the hosts responsibility to supervise the guests while off the game field and in the party room.

Can we bring in our own food and beverages?

A – For your convenience, we have wonderful PIZZA & DRINK PACKAGES to save you the time and stress. Please let us know upon arrival if you require this service. Party’s booked before 12pm must pre order pizza 24 hours before your kid’s birthday party.  If you wish to bring your own food and drink, you are welcome to.  Please remember we are a PEANUT FREE ZONE.  Thank you for understanding. 

What should the participants wear?

A – We suggest comfortable clothing and indoor shoes so participants can make the most of their visit. 

Is the party room decorated? Can we bring our own decorations?

A – Our party rooms are party time ready with tables and chairs and bright colours! You are welcome to bring your own decorations if you would like.

Can parents participate in the spongeball play with the other participants?

A – If you would like additional participants to play, please let us know and we will happily adjust your kid’s birthday party package size. 

Do party packages prices include tax?

A – Taxes are not included in the package prices. 

Do you offer loot bags?

A – Unfortunately we do not offer loot bags at this time. 

Is there a height restriction?

A – Nope. Short or tall, come one come all.


A – We reserve 2 parking spots in our lot for your party.  Additional parking is found on the adjacent streets.