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Is the facility private to only our group?

We have multiple private party rooms in our facility. This allows us to have multiple private parties at the same time. Games consist of 15 minutes on the field and 15 minutes off the field. During your 15 minute breaks other private parties Will be on the field.

Is the birthday boy/girl included in the package?

Yes the packages do include the birthday boy/girl.

Do parents have to sign a waiver form for their child?

A waiver form must be signed for all the participants of the kid’s birthday party. It is up to the host (Guardian) of the kid’s birthday party to decide if they would like to sign on behalf of the children or if they would rather the parents sign for their own child.

Do I have to upgrade to the next party package if I only have two extra players?

If you only have one or two extra players we will only charge you an individual rate of $25 per extra 1 or 2 players. However, if you exceed one or two extra players you will be charged for the upgraded package.

If my child is not yet ten can they still play Paintball?

No, Paintball is meant for ages ten and up. This is based on the maturity of the child.

Do you have a fridge and freezer?

Yes, we have a fridge and freezer.

How early can I show up to set up for my kid’s birthday party?

We ask that you (the host) show up a maximum of 15 minutes early.

Is there someone there to supervise the games and the children?

Yes, Your kid’s birthday party is assigned a referee who will supervise games and answer any general questions.

Can we bring in our own own food and beverages?

Yes, you are able to provide your own food and beverages. But for your convenience, at cost pizza and beverages can be provided.

What is the age requirement for Paintball?

Players must be ten years old to play Paintball.

What should the children wear?

Long sleeve shirt and pants are recommended. Indoor shoes are required.

Is the party room decorated? Can we bring our own decorations?

yes, Our party rooms are decorated. You may bring your own decorations if you’d like.

Can parents participate in the play area with the children?

Parents can participate with the children. However the cost of your kid’s birthday party depends on how many paintball markers you require.

Are the party packages I see online before or after tax?

All prices online do not include tax.

Are paper plates, placemats, cutlery and napkins provided?

these items are only included in our premium packages. We do not provide table clothes.

Do you offer loot bags?

No, unfortunately we do not offer loot bags.

Is there a height restriction?

No, there is no height restriction for Paintball.